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Residential solar panels are becoming increasingly more popular as many homeowners are searching for alternative and cheaper ways to meet their electricity needs. In addition to the cost of power people are now realizing that the supplies of coal and oil are not going to last forever and are also not friendly to our environment.

Horizon Solar Energy systems are engineered for maximum performance in any geographic location. Solar panels are easily integrated into the design of a structure, making them a simple addition to most existing and new homes. Solar panels generate electricity noiselessly, and without detracting from a property's beauty.

When people refer to solar electricity, most often they are referring to a “grid-tie” system, which means it is tied in where your home connects to your utility electrical grid. The wonder of these systems is that the electrical “grid” of your existing electric utility company is used like a rechargeable battery. The utility company will buy power from you at peak and part peak rates during the day when your system is generating, and you will buy power from the utility company at low rates during the evening when your PV system is off line.

The most common system is mounted directly onto your roof, but if you do not have enough roof space, there are a variety of other ways to install a system utilizing the land or other structures on your property.

Solar cells in the modules mounted on your roof convert sunlight directly into DC power. A component called an inverter converts this DC power into AC power that can be used in your home. The system is interconnected with your utility. During the day, if your solar system produces more electricity than your home is using, your utility may allow net metering or the crediting of your utility account for the excess power generated being returned to the grid. Your utility would provide power as usual at night and during the day when your electricity demand exceeds that produced by your solar system. Systems are also available with a battery backup. Part of the power produced by your solar system during the day is used to charge the batteries, which provide power for your critical loads in the event of a power outage.

Once you have made the decision to go solar with Horizon, we will make sure you have a pleasant, hassle-free experience. We have experienced engineers who design our solar energy systems, seasoned installers and professional office support that will handle all the permits, rebates, and maintenance of the system. Going solar with Horizon Solar Energy couldn't be easier.

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