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About Horizon Solar Energy

Horizon Solar Energy, LLC is a privately held solar energy company based in Edgewater Park, New Jersey, United States. We are an innovative Solar energy company that makes solar energy affordable, and with our PPA (Power purchase agreement) You could receive a free solar system without any up front costs to you, providing cost savings that will ultimately add to your bottom line.

Our goal:
To increase awareness of the potential of solar energy and other renewable energy applications and to promote the wise use of sustainable and non-polluting resources. Join us and be a part of the solution not the problem.

What we do:
Asset Purchase: Providing turnkey solar installations for Commercial, Municipal and Industrial systems to be purchased an asset purchase by the customer.

Power purchase agreement (PPA) Solar system installation for qualified commercial owner occupied buildings with no money out of pocket to the owner of the building. The no money down option would be structured via a long term Purchase Power Agreement with investor providing the owner with reduced energy bills for roughly a 15 to 20 year term.

Horizon Solar Energy, is working with several leading solar component manufacturers, financial institutions, and system installers to minimize the cost of your solar energy projects through our innovative solar products and design.

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